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October 2009 Blog Posts (24)

Cave Paintings at Lascaux

In honor of the holiday, here is a wonderful virtual tour of the cave paintings at Lascaux, France. A fast internet connection will make this more enjoyable. Click on the image for tour...

Want more? There is a companion site, The Cave of Lascaux... also good if your… Continue

Added by Ellen Pham | Video Lessons2 Comments

The 5 Filters - The liberation of teachers and students.

Interested? View more HERE. Also - watch US Now for a fuller description of how technology can empower people.

As teachers, we are by default in many cases, operatives for publishers and textbook makers. We truly are! The textbook forms the learning process. It makes it into something different than if we had used our… Continue

Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons2 Comments

Apply today to teach in Saudi Arabia

Located in Medina and Jeddah.

Contract details are as follows for both male and female instructors:

Contract Start Date: now-ongoing

Contract Length: 1 year

Teaching Hours: 30 per week

Type of Teaching Job: University/College

Curriculum: English classes

Salary: $2000/month tax-free

Airfare: paid up-front

Housing: Shared housing with one other teacher of the same sex

Vacation: 1 month paid vacation

Health Insurance: Local Medical… Continue

Added by Mel Faraguna | Video Lessons — No Comments

Open Class

I have been told that I have an important "Open class" coming up at the end of the month and it has me a bit worried. I have chosen a good class and I get to use my own material. The set up is that I will have about 15 - 20 "Guests" ranging from Inspectors from the Ministry of Education to fellow teachers to parents of some of my students. I really want to utilize the English Zone (tv, internet, surround sound) and make a great class. The school is letting me practice with the kids so that at… Continue

Added by Jason Teale | Video Lessons3 Comments

Once Upon A Time - The Power of Shared Reading

Someone once quipped that genius was "seeing the obvious". Or as William James added, "the ability to overlook the irrelevant". Well, by that criteria, I think I'm up there with Einstein and Hawkings because not a day goes by without me being astounded by the power of the written word.

I am reminded of it and think of it continually. Looking at the signs I automatically obey as I walk down the street. While reading a memo or watching the computer screen. How… Continue

Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons — No Comments

The Top 5 videos to inspire students....

I just did a write up about the top 5 "funniest" videos about teaching English and also the Top 5 about learning English. Well received and I got lots of nice comments. So - I've decided…


Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons — No Comments

My winter camp idea, any thoughts?

Here's my proposal for my winter camp. Any thoughts? Would middle school kids enjoy this? I really want to work on things like reading and writing. The kids I teach really need help in that area.

Non-fiction Reading and Writing

Class final project: Class portfolio of writing in a newspaper format.

Objectives: To increase students’ interest for reading short books, write book reports and present them, and work on editing and publishing students’ writing into a finished… Continue

Added by Jessica Cahill | Video Lessons6 Comments

Directions PPT


I made this PPT to teach a lesson on directions in my class. It starts out with really basic vocab (up, down, left, right) then gets a little more difficult.

There are a few slides in which I ask the students to give me the…


Added by Morgan C. Reynolds | Video Lessons5 Comments

David Lynch's Interview Project - Americana

There are a few constant questions I get from many people. One in particular is "So, what is the best place you've lived?" I'm always a bit puzzled by it and have to reply truthfully, "Anywhere there are good people".

You see, teaching and also travel, is all about "people". At least that's what I've come to realize. The… Continue

Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons1 Comment

My Funniest Videos about Teaching/Learning English

Time for some levity.

Us teachers need to laugh at ourselves, our profession a bit. This is an absolute must.


So here are a few of the classic videos I've laughed at over the last few years. My top 5.Each video has to do with learning English or teaching English.

If you want to watch…


Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons1 Comment

The Best Example of Digital Story-telling I've ever seen: Perci the Persimmon read by 100 people

I can't believe that it's taken me over 3 years to find this excellent example of digital storytelling. The video was made by Sarah, the creator of The Daily English Show, and an EFL Classroom 2.0 member. I discovered this at an opportune time because I'm going to start a kamishibai-like project with one of my classes next week. This proves that you can really do a lot with just a little. The entire script consists of just… Continue

Added by Michael Stout | Video Lessons2 Comments

Korean Teachers - Vote for Change at KOTESOL!

If you are teaching in Korea, you might know about KOTESOL - the Korean branch of TESOL. I've been giving presentations through them at all levels for a number of years but keep a fairly distant relationship. Just teacher training / workshops. (you can see my Teacher Training page with them here).…


Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons11 Comments

Our Mixtube "lyrics" resources


We have a lot of music here for language learning and teaching. Too much to even begin to list! (actually I have listed it HERE!)

However, here is one other hidden resource - our Mixtube list of Lyrics. A vast collection of great videos with only… Continue

Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons — No Comments

Commercials in the EFL Classroom - Part 2 (The BEST)

Where is the chocolate man? Places.

Download the list

Commercials are great for teaching English. Not just for teaching media awareness but for specific language study. They are the perfect "engager" and way to start off…


Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons4 Comments

Apply Now for February Public School Positions in South Korea

Start Date: February 17, 2010

Contract Duration: 1 Year

Salary in local currency: from 1,800,000 to 2,700,000 Korean Won

Salary USD (approx.): from $1,440 to 2,160/month

Taxes: Tax relief for the first 2 years of teaching (except Canadians)

40 Working hours/week

Type of School: Public School

Age of students: Elementary, Middle and High School

No Teaching Experience Required

No Experience with kids Required


Bachelor’s… Continue

Added by Mel Faraguna | Video Lessons — No Comments

Writing Tips from Bukowski - Don't Try!

I've always loved Charles Bukowski. Though much of his writing is "off" when he hits it - he's dead on. God like.

I was reading today, thinking about the writing process and Bukowski's wonderful poem, "IF I Taught Creative Writing" came rushing back to me. So here it is below. Along with a recent Bukowski video I made of his immortal "Broken Shoelace". -- He always gives good advice.

If I Were to Teach Creative… Continue

Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons4 Comments


Children Learn What They Live

If children live with hostility,

they learn to fight.

If children live with ridicule,

they learn to be shy.

If children live with tolerance,

they learn to be patient.

If children live with encouragement,

they learn confidence.

If children live with praise,

they learn to appreciate.

If children live with fairness,

they learn justice.

If children… Continue

Added by Na Ima | Video Lessons3 Comments

Giving Directions- a time honored tradition of messing with your students

Following Directions.doc

My teacher pulled this one on me when I was in elementary school. We all fell for it. The names on the board part only sweetens the deal.

I am going to start the class with this and tell them it's a test.

Added by Morgan C. Reynolds | Video Lessons9 Comments

Using Flashcards to Teach Languages

                                 Get The E-Book

WHY? Games are fun and motivational. They increase student talk time (production).

Visuals add context to the language learning. They are quick and…


Added by ddeubel | Video Lessons3 Comments

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