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EFL Classroom's Blog – April 2010 Archive (10)

Wallwisher - online post it notes for students and teachers

Wallwisher is a great way to get students writing and also a great evaluation tool.

Students or teachers can put up their own eNotes onto a bulletin board. As they describe, "an Online Notice Board Maker". Very simple to use and students love how attractive they can make it! Easy to register, 1 step process.

Take a look how this teacher used Wallwisher with her students - about a lesson on…

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Get some posters at Poster Street!

Poster Street is a new site where you can get some cool posters for your classroom / office or school halls! Many kinds and nicely done. 4 categories: Home / Teaching / Kids / Teens.

Teachers often ask me about posters - you can get some here on EFL Classroom too! For some tips… Continue

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Glogster -- an easy way to make an online "poster" or page

I'm finally getting around to Glogster! It is a really cool way to build a page or an online "poster". It can be used in so many ways.

Even better they JUST started an education only version. Glogster EDU. Go here to view some "glogs" there and also to sign up your students/self!


Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons1 Comment

The #1 (way to motivate students)

Number One ** Not your ordinary endless list - just what's number 1. Just the BEST.



If you want your students to learn, if you want your students to learn long term, if you want your students to progress --…


Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons5 Comments

Have a Say At Me - perfect for course feedback!

Say At Me is a pretty neat idea! It allows you to set up an anonymous account and "link". People can visit and leave you anonymous messages. A perfect way to get "really honest" feedback!

It works very simply. Sign up with the briefest of information. You get a url which you can share and allow others to send you anonymous information. You'll be notified when people leave a message and can reply to them if you wish (never knowing their… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons — No Comments

ehow - Lessons on "How to"

eHow is a video site with rich, user created video about "How to " do things. It also has lists and writing about "How to" but I find the videos most useful in class. It has grown after absorbing the site I loved and wrote about previously - Expert Village.

Some topics that have sterling video here are: arts and crafts (paper folding/origami for example),… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons1 Comment

Tagxedo -- Wordle +

It just seems like yesterday that I wrote about WORDLE - an amazing way to display vocabulary. And of course, the games I made - What the Wordle.

Now along comes along… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons1 Comment

22 Frames - subtitles galore!

22frames.com If you've followed my posts/passion for awhile, you will know I'm a HUGE fan of subtitled supported video. I've helped quite a few online sites in this area as well as highlighting so much TTS (text to speech) here and also through Karaoke. HERE is a lot of the subtitled video you'll find on EFL Classroom 2.0. But so much more than these too!

So it is with… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons — No Comments

Cullen's ABCs

I really love Cullen's ABCs! If you teach Young Learners, you have to watch her Youtube videos where she instructs teachers how to do the motions/hand movements for many songs for young learners.(along with SuperSimpleSongs, she's the next best! I came to know about her after using a video of hers for a… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons — No Comments

Online Learning Tools

We have our Teacher's Toolbox and a lot of teachers have expressed how useful the page is. I'll be developing it more very soon!

Now, we have an ONLINE LEARNING SUITE. Free learning activities/presentations available across the internet - in one place!

Students or teachers can use it to practice English. All pages are sorted by level and content (mostly using a grammatical syllabus). Many are wonderful for /… Continue

Added by EFL Classroom | Video Lessons1 Comment

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