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EFL Classroom's Blog – December 2010 Archive (4)

Vocaroo - the audio recording solution

This is an update on Vocaroo, a great audio service that I reviewed a year or more ago as it was going through "growing pains".


It now works great and allows teachers / students to record their voice in a simple fashion. Then download it in one fell swoop!  The quality could be a little better but for a free service, it rocks. Just what learning needs, this kind of simple functionality. Here, try it yourself! Enjoy…


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Abracadabra - Self Directed Learning

One thing that I'm very convinced of, is the notion that us teachers are "motivators". It is our job to motivate our students, to lead our students towards becoming self directed learners, learning for themselves, intrinsically.




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I recently began uploading into our shared mediafire account, lots of basic software teachers might use in their classrooms, for students. I'll be highlighting some here in the coming weeks/months. Lots of neat, helpful applications. Also see our Software page for a… Continue

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Speech Accent Archive

The Speech Accent Archive is for all those linguistic enthusiasts out there. A well organized site full of audio of how speakers from all over the world speak English. Ever wonder how an Uzbeki would sound like? No problem, click on the map and compare with many other regional speakers. You might also try - Who In The World Is… Continue

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