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Fling the Teacher! - Who needs them?

Is it hard to motivate your students sometimes? Are you looking for a way to create more classroom "togetherness"? Looking for a unique way to review material and informally assess student's language acquisition/level? Look no further than this fun and so practical game by a great history teacher, Andrew Field.

Fling the Teacher is a "Content generator" style game. Meaning, you the teacher just enter the information and it generates the game. It is available through one of Andrew's sites called Content Generator Just scroll down and find the game. Press "free" and join the forum. Once there, you can download the content generator and start making games.

Here is one I made recently about Korea. (where I teach). Can you fling the teacher?

He also has a few other free games there such as Multiple Choice, Grade OR No Grade and Match up. Others must be purchased. By far, Fling the Teacher is the best.

How do you play? Just answer 15 questions correctly and you Fling the teacher. You get 3 "hints" (ask the audience, ask the prof., take away 2) along the way. You can dress up the teacher as you wish.

To make your own game, just enter your question and then the correct answer along with 3 incorrect answers. The Content Generator will automatically mix up the answers and then after you have entered 15 Questions and answers generate a .swf or Shockwave Flash file. This will play in your browser usually (or download the adobe plug in )but to get a big screen player, download the free one at Eolsoft.

Here also is another game which shows how you might use it to review grammar in your classroom. I also think this might be a great way to assess language, keep making the questions harder and harder and when the student stops, that is their level!

How to use this in class?

I play in teams. When one team is unable to continue - the next team repeats from the start and tries to fling the teacher. The repetition really helps language learning! Also, appoint an MC to read the questions and direct. The teacher should just sit back and let the students run the show!

Further, these games should be put up on a school website or public service (like esnips which gives a teacher 5GBs free, see an example here!) so that students can play and review at home. Also, get the students making the games - this is where Web 2.0 really kicks in and students learn so much more making materials/tests than actually doing the tests.

I'd love other teachers to start making more Fling the Teacher Games so we could create a directory of games like the one already at EFL Classroom 2.0
Members just click games and there you'll find the best games on the web. Best meaning, best language games, like Fling the Teacher. I have several criteria for what makes a top notch language game - Fling the Teacher meets most of them.

1) educational - not just click and kill
2) text to speech. All text should have an audio component.
3) ease of use. Not complicated, idiot proof.
4) visuals - not just text based

Andrew Field also has another BANG ON! site called Class Tools. Please visit this one and see many great organizers that students can use. I especially like the time line and have used this a lot.

I will make a post on our forums about Fling the Teacher and asking others to make an EFL game for their own country, much like my one above about Korea. It would make a great collection!

Get Flinging the Teacher Today!!!!!!!

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Comment by Susan on December 4, 2007 at 6:47am
I wonder, is fling the teacher is easy enough for elementary students to create their own games?

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