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Teachers? Who needs them?

I've always, my whole life long, had the sneaking suspicion that adults really didn't know much and were just as scared as us kids and as frightfully "groping". My suspicions were confirmed as I reached adulthood and realized that adults don't "know it all", nor possess some magical "togetherness".

Same with teachers. I've been there and confirmed it! They are usually just one step ahead of the students or their lessons are so full of B.S. that it is just to give the appearance of learning or more precisely, the apearance that they are "teaching".

But where teachers can make a difference is in the area of "inspiration" and motivation. We will always need teachers for this -- even when the new digital age gives us the possiblity and tools to learn at home, learn anywhere and quickly, in small cooperative/sharing groups.

That is what I try to do and which "affects" all I teach. Does it allow those insights, that freedom which will let students reach "for what's a heaven for ?" Do I make them see their potential and not their inability and set my class up for success? Is the future on my mind, and not just the need to "cover up" and get through the moment and this day?

Here's an inspiring video. Put your feet up , feel the words and music and realize that as a teacher, you are in that race and doing so much and can do so much more....

I've also attached for insightful reading, a great article, a bit about the same thing.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

Download - Teachers who needs them by Andrew Finch.doc

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