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Our Weekly Magazine

New Content

Project Peace





May Community Updates

Lots of new things to relate.  Check them out at your leisure!  Happy teaching in your classroom - keep the fire burning!

1. Project Peace. 

I started this 10 years ago. So many classrooms contributed a video. I'll be resurrecting it with a new Project. Take a look at its new home and many resources to help teach peace in the EFL Classroom. 

2. The Present.

Every teacher must share this at least once with students. Classic video lesson, resources updated. 

3. China.

It's a huge and important country. Get resources and inspiration. 

4. Gif Lingua.

We added 100 new books this month, each with resources teachers can download. Did you know teachers can download books, upload to Google Books and have your own offline library of ebooks? 

5. Languages of the world.

Great quiz and a nice new resource. Can your students name the top 10 spoken languages? 

6. Justin Bieber.

Every student will get excited by this great lesson and materials. 

7. Mt. Everest.

What a great topic to teach about in the classroom! Videos and resources. 

8. EnglishCentral.

Join our teachers class and get free and full access! Check it out and see how we make it easy to supplement your classroom teaching with great video speaking and learning practice. First,register as a teacher -  then join our class of teachers on EnglishCentral. 

9. Sick - Shel Silverstein.

New resources to teach this classic and fun poem all will enjoy. 

10.  Teaching English Magazine.

Constantly updated with all the important articles for teachers. Our service to you! 

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