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Demonstration Class *EFL Classroom 2.0 Exclusive*

So I concluded my demonstration class today and I feel like a weight if off my shoulders. In the lesson My co-teacher and I experiemented with using authentic maters, jigsaw lesson plans, and a sprinkling of task based learning.

Basically we took entries about different animals from places like National Geographic for Kids and Animal Planet and had students get data and facts from them and then get into groups and share that info. I originally wanted the students to go an additional step and use the information to make graphs (ie height of the animals). As graphs would be a way to include scientific thinking in the classroom. But as usual time concerns redered it impossible.

Anothing aspect of our class that I am still not sure how I feel about is that we make three different levels of articles. I rewrote a number of the articles about animals for intermediate and novice students. I think it did allow for all students to participate. My biggest frustration about the articles we found is that they were just a little bit out of for most students because of thier level of English.

My reservations about deviding up the students and the articles by level is that students are not oblivious and Korean students especially are really competitive, so I am always hesitant to single out students by ability.

Overall I think it went well, students were generally motivated, my coteacher and I were particularly harmonious, and our co-workers were impressed. But I would have liked to get away from the textbook a little more and include more task based learning. For example I would like students to lightly crunch the numbers that they get from the articles by making graphs and observations.

Anyways I would greatly apperciate any feedback, or any advice on these issues from more experienced teachers.

Peace and Love,
EPIK Justino

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