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A new English Tutor "Chatterbot" (Dave is still alive too!)

I've been investigating many new "chatterbots", artificially intelligent characters that can help students practice and learn English online. Dave our wonderful chatterbot is under the knife but I think I've found a way to keep him on life support at least. You can still keep him company HERE.

However, I've designed the first prototype of a new bot.

I spent many hours building and programming this using Verbots. It isn't an easy process so I won't bore you with the details but basically with their editor, I can program commands/rules so the chatterbot will randomly select sentences which the students can listen to and type in. Pretty basic but I'm going to come up with a vocabulary version shortly. TOEFL session to practice the hard vocabulary words. Students respond and after copying in the correct spelling, get the definition as a response. I'll just input an excel file of the major vocabulary items and definitions and write the commands for the bot to respond.... stay tuned!

I'm interested in any thoughts about our tutor or even other unique ways it might be programmed. Let me know and even check out Verbots if interested! You can download their free chatterbot for use on your own website! Go to our Software page and scroll down to the Verbots section. You can talk and practice with a bot on our desktop!

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