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Our Weekly Magazine

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Project Peace





August Mid-Month Updates

Lots of new things on the community and to relate.  Check them out at your leisure!  

Happy teaching in your classroom - keep the fire burning!

1. Gif Lingua.

Gif Lingua has quizzes! Find out more here

You can add quizzes to books you or your students write. Or just make a book with only quiz questions and put it up there for students to complete. Get reports on student results. This is a great feature to test student comprehension.

We will be busy adding pre-made quizzes to books. Find them in the QUIZ category when you click "Browse". Want to download books and all worksheets for the books? - upgrade to a teacher supporter. $25/year only for the next week. 

2.  The Solar Eclipse.

We've made and collected some great resources to teach about this big event. 

3. Project Peace. 

I started this 10 years ago. So many classrooms contributed a video. I'll be resurrecting it with a new Project Peace contest in September. Stay tuned! Take a look at its new home and many resources to help teach peace in the EFL Classroom. 

4. The Present.

Every teacher must share this at least once with students. Classic video lesson, resources updated. 

5. All About Me

A great worksheet for "getting to know you" lessons. Perfect for the start of the school year. Get more lessons like this too. 

6. Ways to Save Electricity

Materials to teach about this important topic and get students brainstorming ways to help the environment. 

7. Elvis Presley

All our lesson materials about "The King" in one place. You might also be interested in The Beatles. 

7. Name 3

A wonderful and easy to do vocabulary game. Sometimes simple is best. 

8. EnglishCentral.

Check out the Youtube of language learning! Get your students practicing their speaking and learning English with videos they love. 

9. Golden Bell

More resources to play this high stakes trivia game with students. 

10.  Teaching English Magazine.

Constantly updated with all the important articles for teachers. Our service to you! 

Lastly - as I wrote in our last newsletter, EFL Classroom will become a Supporters paid community as of Sept. 1st.

We'll continue to provide all the best resources and information to teachers through the site, newsletters, social media and email updates. It will be one low price lifetime payment. Then you are in.

I hope many will support us and recognize the contribution we made and continue to make, day in and day out. 



Teacher Founder

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