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December Mid Month Updates

Gif Lingua will have a new facelift Jan. 01.  So many amazing books and materials added each day! 

Thinking of using EnglishCentral at your school next year?  Email me, david@englishcentral and I'll tell you more. Free, level tests for all students, full reports, assign video lessons  -  the world's number 1 video teaching platform. 

Here's just a few of the "gifts" our community offers members....

This month.

1. Top Xmas PPTs.

2. New Year's Resolutions

3. 2016 News in Review

4. Zack King - youtube illusionist.

5. Want a cuppa?  Making tea.

6. 50 jobs in 50 states.

Miss the Dec. Newsletter?  Read it here.


1. Christmas resources page. Christmas videos. Charlie Brown X-mas.

2. Zen and the Act of Teaching. Free teaching journal for all teachers.

3. New Resources magazineProf. Development magazine.

4. Teach | Learn. Our free coursebook full of printables.

5. #1 in ELT. Directory full of great advice for teachers.

6. Lessons In A Can. Hundreds of video lessons.

7. Video Lesson Directory.

8. The Unbearable Lightness of Being A Teacher ebook

9. ELT Professionals LinkedIn community. Great P.D.!

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