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EFL Classroom Now Totally Free

Our community is huge, it's wonderful, it has so much. However, as my own personal contribution to this profession I love, it sometimes entails hard work and some hard decisions. 

I've thought lots about how to continue to keep EFL Classroom 2.0 available to teachers in this changing age of technology, social media and online activity by teachers.  

Today, I've come to the conclusion that going forward it is best to keep the community totally free, take off all the restrictions and let the world come and find/use/contribute as they like. 

It's not an easy decision. We were free for many years and during those years I worked in a dedicated fashion to provide teachers with the best games, resources and information.  However a few years ago, I wanted teachers to value the community more, my own work and well designed lessons. If I don't "value" it, why should others?  

Many teachers contributed and paid. I'm unbelievably grateful to them for this. It's a personal validation of what I do, the week in and week out emailing to teachers, moderating, doing social media, make resources and lessons, writing about education. I THANK YOU.   

However, the world of resources and sharing is changing and I've always at bottom been a "sharer" - just wanting to get my resources and ideas out there. Always been an Open Education guy and didn't like the monetization of resources we so much see at present. Closed walls, stores, teachers selling worksheets. 

So invite your colleagues, get the world coming here. It''s all free.  Over 400,000 files exist on our servers. We have an incredible and deep library of resources. Use what you can to help your teaching and your students. 

I'll continue to message members who join about new resources. Also publish a monthly newsletter. I'll continue with my work with EnglishCentral and Gif Lingua. Continue developing new and innovative resources .... only thing that has changed is that the door is now open.  

I look forward to many teachers stepping in for a visit. 



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