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Project Peace





This past weekend was a great injection of Professional Development for myself and many of the members of my PLN.

The conference was a great buzz and I had the opportunity to attend some great presentations as well as act as a moderator to some of may favorite speakers!!!

Special thanks to Heike Philps  for inviting me to moderate - a great learning experience in itself - and to all the other people who helped organize this great event.

There was a great spirit of sharing and learning from one another, a very special feeling, indeed!


Copy of of original post on my blog TEFL Matters

Watch the VRT Online!

If you did not attend any of the online presentations, you still have a chance to watch them at leisure by following this link that leads to the recordings

This is a short blog post on my presentation at the 6th Virtual Round Table Web Conference


 From Curation to Creation


If you click on the link of the recordings, you can also find the title of my talk and watch my presentation online.

Curation tools and websites mentioned

EFL Classroom 2.0 gets an honourable mention!!! 

I have used one of the tools to explain the others, and there is may be one more loop in this learning playlist which I created with Mentormob, a great tool for curating content and presenting it to teacher colleagues or to your learners in one tight capsule.

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

List of links mentioned


Thanks to all who came to my talk and gave me such great feedback and I am looking forward to meeting you all again online or face-to-face.


Marisa Constantinides -  @Marisa_C

Recordings of all the presentations 

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