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Google Sets - Perfect for vocabulary

google sets

Google sets has a lot of possibility. Simple tool for a teacher to make a vocabulary set.

Just put in a few items (in the example on the right - I put in French / English / German) and Google sets will predict and expand your list/set.

You could play an awesome game with this in class. A variation of scattegories.

1. State 3 vocabulary items.
2. Students brainstorm the rest for that list/set. Give a time limit. Use the Super Timer!
3. Produce a google set with the 3 items. ]
4. Score. If the students have a match they get 1 point. Most points wins!

You can extend this by having students switch papers and "draw" a picture beside the other group's listed items (this will help them acquire the vocabulary)

Also extend by playing a normal game of Scattegories - great for listening practice.

Groups state one item on their brainstormed list. A point for each one. BUT if they state something already stated by another group -- -3 points! The most points wins.

Google Sets is cool and thanks to Russell Stannard and his Teacher Training Videos for giving me the tipoff on this, on twitter.

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