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My 2014 Teaching Resolution - Make It Real

get it realEvery year, I make a very practical, specific resolution for my teaching. Last year, it was to explore and practice the possibilities of using video in the classroom. This year, it is one big, inspiring one that I hope other teachers will join in - MAKE IT REAL.

Too often, we postpone. We dream, we plan but our resolutions just remain that - ideas. This year, I will follow the Signal 37 philosophy that I've long espoused and make my own long list of teaching projects become REAL.

I've got a new weekly webinar series, I'll be hosting and speaking about all the main issues regarding TESOL.

In my own lessons, I'm going to bring in experts, bring the world into the classroom and flag - relevance to the world out there. I have a list of ideas that I won't wait on but will seed. I've long mucked about but this year it will get even more intense.

So join me - let's resolve to Make It Real in 2014. Here are the words of Goethe to get you off the couch. Also, some 80's rock, The Scorpions. Let us know what you will make real this year in your teaching world!


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