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My best blog posts: 2012

My blog is my Ph.D.. It really is and it allows me to explore, think, research, investigate, ponder, decry everything concerning my profession and education in general. Over the years I have typed and tallied thousands of comprehensive posts. 

2012 has come and gone, lots of blog posts have come and gone.  However, there are a number of them that need mentioning and which might be of use to teachers out there.

I've only picked a dozen from the hundreds - was difficult, each post valuable to me and something I give my heart to. 

Here are my top 12 posts in 2012. 

1. It's Not A Box:  Part 1  &  Part 2

- I describe a workshop I attended and the theory of Synectics. Materials provided for your own lesson. 

2. User Generated Content

-  I outline the nature of these materials and add some ideas for using this kind of authentic content with our students.

3. Gus The Bus Driver

-  I lost my favorite teacher in 2012. This is my tribute to him and all teachers who teach so personally and from the heart. So long Mr. Worth. 

4.  Extensive Watching

-  post on the EnglishCentral blog where I post regularly.  I describe the new skill of "watching" and take the classic description of Extensive Reading and remix it for the new digital age. 

5.Learning To Swear

-  I explore the nature of "identity" in language learning and how learning to swear is a badge of honor many language learners wear. 

6.What I Know Now But Didn't Know Then

-  I put it all out there, all the things I've learned as a language teacher over the past few decade's journey. 

7. Dogme Revisited

- I take a second look at Dogme and try to distill for me, what it really is while also rewriting the original manifesto to describe what a Dogme teacher would do. 

8.  Why Video Rulz and the Book Cools

- I take on the topic again of the new reign of video as a dominant media form, outlining the pros and cons of both video and text (book). 

9.Is School Necessary?

-  Here I dive into this issue and try to distill what school is really about / for.  A must watch video convinced me school despite its shortcomings, is still all we got to protect so many vulnerable children.

10.Authentic vs Educational

- I explore the narrowing divide between these two traditional materials in ELT. Now authentic can be controlled and used as a "learning" material. 

11.Issues In ELT and SLA

- I outline all the major issues and questions that teachers face - both practically/job wise and theoretically/research wise. 

12Coming To A School Near You: Solitary Confinement

- Here I decry what is happening in schools in America and the compulsory/forced nature of schooling in general. We need to rethink things. 

And let's not forget throughout the year I was highlighting many, many practical resources for teachers and found on our community. Here are the most popular series of resources. 


Gems Of EFL Classroom series    |     50 Lists / Tasks series   |   Number 1 Series   |    Featured Resource series

If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy - My Best "Practical" teaching posts.

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