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Odiogo - text to speech

Click here to listen to all the posts in Text to Speech!

ODIOGO is a simple, free way to get text to speech or (voice) to your website!

Check out my own blog which I've now Odiogoed! Here's my own odiogo podcast list! Even if you don't have a blog, get it started and just put any text into your blog that you want read -- for yourself or students!

So how do you do it? Easy and that's the nice thing about it.

1. Get your RSS feed address by clicking the little orange rss box usually at the bottom of your page. If an address doesn't come up, right click and get "properties", this will show the address, ending usually in rss or xml.

2. Go to www.odiogo.com and enter the rss and also your email address. DONE!

Within twenty four hours you will have a page with all feeds listed like I have above.

Bloggers here, I hope you read this and get your blogs Odiogoed! I'll be sending you a personal email and I hope to keep getting the blogs better advertised. I think of blogs as the brains of this organism (Forums are the mouth!) and we need ya! All new bloggers -- get started and help us build a better EFL universe. And add Odiogo too.....

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