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Our video players (fixed and referenced)

I have tried my mightiest to keep up with all the API and video player changes that happen in the netiverse. Of late, I've been behind the times but today spent a good 6 hours and got all our players correct, functioning and without Youtube ads (my big reasons for doing this, beyond the power of "collecting" and aggregation). 


A big thanks to Maple Leaf publishing for prompting me about this and fixing their player!


Also, to end - visit the Youtube examples of what is in our Video area (1.000s of videos, many with downloadable resources.) by hitting the youtube video button at the bottom of every page. 


Let's also mention our ad free youtube player + Random Ted Talks player!


The players/video lists on EFL Classroom 2.0 are the following:


1. Professional development  TESOL Teacher Training


3. Kinetic Typography 1 and2


5. Wallace and Gromit

6. Friends

7. Mr. Bean

8. Karaoke dialogues, Karaoke for Kids

9.H.S. Musical

10. MES vocabulary

11. Daily English Show

12. Super Simple Songs(kids)

13. Sesame Street (kids)

14. Silly Symphonies

15.EnglishCentral Famous Speeches

16. EnglishCentral Beginners

17. EnglishCentral Selection

18. NFB Shorts

19. Stories / read alouds

20. English4All

21. Real English

22. Family Album USA

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