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One of my main jobs is helping members find things on this community. We have a deep library of content and it will take a member awhile to find their way around and know the lay of the land. 

Here are a few "search" tips and places you can immediately access to find what you want/need. 

1.  Use either the main page search bar at the top right of every page or our Google custom search.  This searches the whole community. 

2.  Use the search bar that is in each part of the community:  Resources, Community Forum, Blogs, Pages, Videos, Classrooms, Photos ....  You can also sort by Latest, Category and other features.

3.  Tags.  Click the tags that are at the bottom of each piece of content posted. You'll get all the related content for that. Example, under a video you can click "Lyrics" and get hundreds of videos with lyrics included. 

4. Tag Clouds and Tag Search.  We have tag clouds for all our categories of content. Click one and get that related content.  Also, our Tag Search will search all the tags across the whole community! 

5.  Members.   Get nosy by clicking on a member's profile photo.  This will take you to their profile page (if not set private) and you can select on the left side and view all their posts and content they have posted on the community. This image shows one members content posted.   Also search all members in our Adv. Search. Find members that have agreed to be contacted to connect classrooms! 

6.  The top page navigation.   At the top of the community we have tabs that have grouped selected content. Select one and it will "drop down" and you can see related, recommended pages for that category. 

7.  Grouped/curated category.   We have curated a lot of the content on EFL Classroom 2.0 into helpful pages of related content. Here are just a few that come to mind. 

a. Lessons In A Can 

b. Featured Resources

c. Website reviews

d. Lessons A Day

e. Video + Directory

f. The #1 in ELT lists

g. Recommended Best Videos  - Video based lessons list.

h. Download videos

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