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So You Want To Be A Teacher?

I threw this together pretty quickly (will remake better when I get time) but was reminded about it when thinking about how important "all in" is when learning. How important it is to shut off our conscious mind and let things in. 

When learning, we learn more if we don't try, don't have our conscious mindkeeper on. (see this article).  Same goes for teaching, we are better teachers when we don't try, when it is natural and "all in".  Go with it, teach, or get the hell out of there ..... 

It was Bukowski's epitaph - Don't Try.  I remixed his great poem and came up with this to inspire teachers. So you want to be a teacher.doc   I think tonight in honor of the old bard, I'll dip into the great documentary about his life - Born Into This (also could be an inspiring motto and poem for a teacher). 

Hat tip to Jason Levine for the creative prompting.    Read the Tapestry Version!

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