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Stealing Dreams: free ebook

When I first heard that Seth Godin was venturing into the realm of education with a book on schools - I cringed.  He isn't a teacher, has no experience in this field and often is just "sensationalistic". He paints issues with sharp metaphors and turns of phrases but at the end after reading him - I'm often left with, "and so ...."

However, we all have an interest in education, Seth Godin included. We need to welcome all calls for drastic reform of our schools. Our kids need more options and a better place to get prepared for the future that is theirs. If we don't start building this and making the changes needed, we aren't doing our duty and handing them a future that has possibility. Seth starts at the right point, with the right question - "What is school for?"

Seth makes the usual points about the inadequacy of our present school system in the west and the cause of this. He's a little lacking in the fixes needed.  But I'll let you decide if you like his ebook. As always, he's a great read whatever you think about his ideas.   Read reviews here.  



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