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The #1 ..... background music to play in class

Number One

** Not your ordinary, endless list - just what's number 1.

During my years  in the ELT classroom I've witnessed firsthand the transforming nature of sound/music. 

It is the perfect, ideal classroom management tool. Your voice is the first and primary instrument for this. When you want students to quiet down, don't raise your voice. Rather, soften it. They'll naturally speak quieter.  That's just one example of ways to use "voice".

But music also is a great tool.  When students are doing activities either individual or group that need them to relax, be calm, concentrate, focus - music can be used in the background. I've seen students focus more and get better test results when there is soft music playing. 

Same goes when you want to energize and excite a class (probably not often but at times, classes do need this needed "boost".). Put on a tune that gets them energized and ready for action, answering or just to monitor/control a task. 

The two best songs I've found for these are: 

For calming, relaxing students:   Gymnopedie. Edward Satie -  Listen

For energizing, activating students:   Manamana - The Muppets. Listen

The both work perfectly and I encourage teachers to try to incorporate them into their lesson delivery!

What background music have you used in your classes? 


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