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The #1 .... (mistake teachers make the first day of class)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list - just what's number 1.


              They Go Over The Class Rules


Yes, despite so many teachers doing this - I believe it a killer for creating the class atmosphere and "team spirit" that is so essential for teaching. 


It is crucial that right away, teachers focus on team building and getting to know you exercises. Bring the class together immediately, the first period. Spend lots of time on this. Only later in the day (if with the students all day) or the next class (if you have the class for only one period) should you negotiate rules and set out the "Dos and Don'ts". 


First and last steps are so crucial when teaching (and hereI outline why last things are so important!). 


Language teaching especially, requires a tight knit group that allows students to take risks and "be loose" - things so important for successfully learning and practicing a language. By coming out "heavy" right at the beginning, teachers set the tone incorrectly. Start by introducing yourself with a slideshow or having students guess about you. Then focus on them. Play informal conversation games that allow each other to get to know about one another. Have fun! You'll have lots of time to get to the rules..... 


Here's a few places to find icebreakers or materials about team building. 


1.Icebreaker ideas.  Search results


2. Latest Blog Carnival: Back to school fillers/icebreakers


3. Getting to know your students.


4.Introducing the teacher


5. Find Someone Who   / Pass the Paper


6. Storming Out or Norming In? Marisa Constantinides


7. Ultimate list of team building games/ideas.


Set the tone for cooperation!



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