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At 1:27pm on January 20, 2010, Chantelle Manciel said…
Hi David,
Thanks for getting back with me! I hope you had a great new year! I understand what you mean about needing a change. I will contact your supervisor immediately. Take care.
At 1:51am on January 17, 2010, Ellen Pham said…
:D :D Just read your note closer... YOU thought he was strange and freaky! (Gotta slow down the reading!! Yes, I thought the same thing! But as a mom with really little ones (toddler- early preschool), his timing was just right for them and TV. Really, he was a genius with it!

The show itself was so slowwww that it's pretty unbearable unless you are in the land of goo, but separately, I always liked the videos and songs.

Whew. I don't have to lose all faith (yet!)
At 1:48am on January 17, 2010, Ellen Pham said…
Oh David, don't disillusion me! Was he really strange and freaky? I was just saying to Chuck as I found this song (it's been in my head since the Anthony story) that if it came out Mr. Rodgers was a pedophile, I would lose all faith in everything. I guess he can be freaky and strange in other ways, just not that... or child or spouse abuse!

I browsed the PBS site, and some of his songs and videos really hold up well... here's another, It's You I Like
At 1:17am on January 17, 2010, Ellen Pham said…
Sex Ed w/ Ellen (the secret to my success)
At 3:09am on January 14, 2010, Ellen Pham said…
Hey David, I got over 100 hits on Portland Free School again today- and I haven't been on yet, so I know they're not all mine! (Something I always wonder about... the analytics on weebly are pretty sparse, who knows what they're counting)

Some class has found me... : )
At 10:47am on January 3, 2010,

Don't worry! I was going to add NOT to delete it. 2 is better than one and that's one of the nice things about the web, no problems with space (but yeah, I guess just of "kind".) Got interrupted in my reply.

Been working on the newsletter, now got to read a stack of teacher's "reflections". I wanted to do this course and now the reality is hitting me - replying! Oh well, c'est la vie.

I'm still working on how to get this magazine working well... it looks attractive but the rss of all the individual discussions isn't showing up consistently. But cool that under each item you can click and it will open up the whole category.

Hope the snow has gone your way....don't want too many more accidents and stranded drivers!
At 9:42am on January 3, 2010, Ellen Pham said…
Hey David, don't know if you saw my comment before I deleted the video, so here goes:

:D :D That's probably where I saw it before!

David, this can only get worse with time... ok, I will put my description in a comment box, and delete this one!

But what I really want to know is... did you see the, you know...
At 8:40pm on January 1, 2010, Dora Koutoukis said…
Hi David,
Yes THE best talk indeed. It's o.k. u took if off, i posted it by mistake. I was actually trying to post it on my videos. Anyway, it's a talk all teachers must watch!!!
At 7:34am on December 24, 2009, George Swen said…
Serendipity in a new year!
At 10:20am on December 23, 2009,
David Ford
Hi David

This site has been a great help to me and my wife...

I would like to up load my winter camps to share with other teachers and also get some ideas and input, if you could please tell me how to do this.



At 3:20pm on December 22, 2009,
Connie Weber
Hi David,
Gosh it's been a while! Please know that I am a steadfast fan of yours, much in awe of your work. You've got such a great team going here. Looking through EFL, I get it: we're seeing the construction of a world library for language instruction. Visionary.
Happy Holidays! Hope to be in touch over the break. Do you get a break?
At 11:09am on December 21, 2009, Ellen Pham said…
PS (main message in email) Yes, I do like Mr. Finch! My kind of mentor : )
At 10:38am on December 21, 2009, Cristina Milos said…
How can I add your blog to my Google Reader? It is easier for me to keep track of it...
At 9:21am on December 21, 2009,

I'll check the admin! Just checking in after my BIG speech. I didn't get photos because as I came in 1 hour early to watch the demo lessons etc... they ran up to me panicking and saying I need to go on and "drag it out"....
But tough way to lecture. The stage was gigantic, big superbowl style monitors on both sides. Didn't feel right until I jumped down (almost breaking my ankle) and got the lights out of my eyes! But I really think my message hit home, spoke from the heart and no bs, blabla.... we'll see what the feedback is in the days to come and I'll post the video here once the tv company sends me the disc. Ellen -- this was even harder than TED!

You've been so busy - slow down! I'll check things tomorrow, you go walk the dog! I have a few days off but next week, invited my mentor "Andrew Finch" (you liked this book Tell Me More) to speak to 160 teachers and staff to start the next course. I'll get pics for you with that one! He's a very humble guy and one who should get more attention to his thoughts, dedication and writing.

But I got a call from the search committee for the grad school. They are very interested but want me to send a sample course syllabus (for curriculum development/design) over the next couple days. So that is now on my plate but if they called, this must just be a formality. Then, I'll have to make my decision. .....

More later, now a glass of wine and going to watch one of Eberts top movies from 2009. Downloaded them all and think I'll watch Precious. Have you heard about it? Suppossed to be wonderful and REAL. You would like it I think but I'll let you know more after tonight....

More later,


PS. other stirrings about "inconsistencies " with edublog votes. Many large blogs got only a few votes and are really disgusted... I wonder....
At 9:03am on December 21, 2009, Ellen Pham said…
Hey David,

I wrote you on admin, but could you respond to Ellen? (or I will get all confused : ) )

Hope you are having a great day,

At 3:33pm on December 18, 2009,
Merry Christmas ddeubel! Thanks for all that work whose wonderful fruits you shared so freely with my students and I! I hope the New Year will be as full of great moments and good friends as all the others! Take care and go on being a wonderful teacher. We all love you!
At 11:35am on December 16, 2009, Cristina Milos said…
You're an inspiration for us all! Great work here- you're a true facilitator of learning!
At 11:47am on December 13, 2009, Ellpee said…
Thanks and best wishes!
At 2:53am on December 11, 2009,
Thanks so much, David. Yes, the Download link is only for the Audio files, but the online watching links seem to be working now.
Thanks again
At 9:36pm on December 9, 2009,
Rawya Shatila
Hi David,
Do you remember my student's climate change speech video?
His speech video will be presented in Copenhagen to the world leaders...
would like to share the link with you

Best Regards

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