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Project Peace





A great way to get general conversation happening. Put on the ppt and have students ask/answer in groups, the questions on the slides. Then do a survey at the end, each student chooses one question and surveys/reports back.


See this sister category for MANY more conversation/discussion related materials. 

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more conversational ppts.
Here is a nice series of conversation prompts. Really good for inductive style lessons. First get the students talking/experimenting with what they know. Then at the end of the lesson, review the correct language production by interviewing the teacher and reviewing the language.
Click on the key words to go to the questions in full. I'll be formatting more and posting here soon. Right now, just the full version and then three others with complete reference to the correct questions.

Here is an interview ppt you can adapt/edit. AS well as the individual "Let's Talk" ppt from above....Get Talking!

Please note, you can print Powerpoints out as handouts. If you don't have a computer or screen, just hit print preview and then select how many / slide. to size . Then print. Give the whole slide as a handout and the students can ask the questions that way using Let's Talk.
Some more Let's Talk discussion ppts. Remember - click on the key words to show possible sentences/questions/phrasings OR in the case of celebrities, to eliminate the celeb that has been guessed...

Also remember, you can print off the home slide and give as a handout -- so you don't need a computer. Simply hit File - Print Preview and Print . Select page 3 and you will get a handout A4 of that slide for use in class.

Here's one that is delicious !
Here are some nice picture cards and also in a ppt - for use with students for speaking practice. they state their preferences and why? Cut them up and use as needed too.

I also made them into a voicethread. Invite your students there and they can practice speaking. Or just use the cards and make your own private voicethread for your own students! Get all our voicethreads for speaking practice here.


like best at school.jpg
like to be.jpg
like to play instrument.jpg
like to ride.jpg

Here are some powerpoints that I took from another site. They will be useful very soon. The one without any words is meant to ellicit conversation.
There is one more that I forgot to put up. Some nice images in this one.

I love this powerpoint!  Just put it on and student(s) A  ask student(s) B and vice versa. Instant lesson. 

 Try http://eflclassroom.com/flash/randomdiscussions.swf



Use these great videos and quizzes to teach and get your students speaking and critically thinking. EnglishCentral offers the best videos that students can after discussion, study individually and learn the vocab and practice. 


Great resource! Thank you.

Here is a nice powerpoint with the top 100 conversation starters in a nice format which beeps every 25 seconds to go to the next conversation starter. Just start it up and get students talking, speaking!  Print the cards if you wish to use as a card game.  Also purchase individually in our digital downloads site. 


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