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 Here are some worksheets and powerpoints / materials for Mr. Bean videos.


BUT you can get most of these and download in our A/V player [ WATCH - A/V] (click the arrow to download).


Or with our Mr. Bean players (download the videos there. ) Enjoy!

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Lowere level worksheets for Mr. Bean goes to the dentist...

Here are some more Mr. Bean materials. This video is hilarious. Get one student to describe to another student who has their back turned. Then use the vocabulary pictures to retell the story and practice vocabulary...rewatch!

Here is the direct video for use in the classroom.
Here is a nice powerpoint for full class instruction of this lesson above...

Here are some more materials (and High Quality video) for Mr. Bean's X-mas. But good for any time of year. A great writing sheet goes with this and lots of vocabulary review. Get students to link a verb with all the vocabulary items! (Click the video to get full screen).

Here is the Mr. Bean ppt above and the video to go with it...

Mr. Bean X-mas Part 1.mp4

I have written a blog post for a Mr Bean lesson idea on the teaching of articles (a, an, the, -).  It is available to view here: http://www.eltexperiences.com/2012/06/teaching-articles-to-teenager...

The YouTube video is available to watch here:

All material is available to download is also attached.


I want to use these with my children but can't dowlnoad them - it keeps taking me to the supporters page.

Sylvia,  several months ago we changed so only supporters can download here. However some like you needed to be grandfathered in. I sent out announcements about this and in the newsletter - ways to get this done.  I checked your account and had to hard code you in so you can download. Can you check that it now works and let me know if not? Should work now. 


Do you have ppt of "Mr Bean at the swimming pool" ?Can't find it..

I don't believe so Henny.

 I just use it as a backdoor activity with one student not watching the screen and the other students describing the action. Pause then switch the student. Finish by all watching the dramatic ending together. 

ok thanks !

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