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Please see the Teacher Training Channel for many presentation like those below (now all available in flash). Also, our full library of teacher training items. Further, a sterling list of archived articles - Must Reads!

Teacher training is a growing area and the more shared learning we can make possible, the easier it is on all of us! Further GO HERE for a full series of podcasts featuring all the components of Linguistics. A great course, each unit is about 30 min of listening!

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Here are some more books VERY specific to TEFL Teacher Training...
Here are a series of podcasts about language and teaching that are insightful and helpful to teachers....take a listen when you have the time...

Lots of people are always asking me for copies of my powerpoints - many available in video here. So here are some of the more popular ones - use as you wish to inspire and help your teachers wherever you may be!



A MANIFESTO FOR learning full.ppt
Here are some more of my "large" library of teacher training videos and ppts.

Teaching Adults.ppt

Second language modifications.ppt

Language learning myths test.ppt


The ABCs of Life.ppt
Here are some more....

I've only gone through this last batch, but they are all excellent. I appreciate the depth/breath of the reading writing ppt...and am thinking about what Krashen said... I'm comparing what he says about speaking to what happens when a student can "read" text in another language and have no idea about the content that s/he has just read... but does that really happen when teaching speaking in an EFL class? Do students memorize how to say words that they don't know the meaning of? Hmm...

I'm always a bit alert when someone makes the argument, if X, then Y... when examined, Y often does not logically flow from X... I think he is oversimplifying/ not taking all the benefits of speaking practice into account... but his recommendation of developing libraries of interesting and comprehensible English books and recordings is a good one, so what the hey...

Is there a way to view the ppts as HTML before downloading? When going through a big batch, it would be nice to not use up hard drive space on files I'm not going to keep... When I have to download to view, I either just don't get into it, or I end up with an unsorted bunch in my temporary files and that's where they tend to stay, forgotten. I do much better if I sort before I download : )

Glad you found something "thoughtful". That writing / reading ppt is more for presentation - I'll have to brush a number of them up to be more self-learning friendly. They are two different animals.

I've been writing/asking for the ability to have albums/categories on the online ppt server providers I use. Slideshare, Myplick, Authorstream. No luck. Frustrating and I'll work on it and find a way. You can find most of these training type presentations on my Authorstream for online viewing. But I'm glad I've found a place for them - get lots of requests and can now send others here....


PS. Just before closing this, I discovered Authorstream now has "channels". I'll have to try and make a teacher training channel....stay tuned.
Here is a nice BAAM Game to test teacher knowledge of acronyms in Second Language Acquisition. How would you do?

Also, see this other quiz about acronyms for TEFL.

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