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We have lots of click and play ppt and .swf games here on EFL classroom. Many also found on our Arcade page. Most of the classics even - Monopoly, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Clue...  Visit the Teacher's Toolbox for lots of helpers to play games (like Dice / Counters / Spinners etc...)

But here are some that don't need online access...just print and cut and go....Great for summer/winter camps and after school lessons!

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Monopoly and Clue, two of the most popular games...
Animal Cards and some other board games...
Here are some board games to practice -- follow me / allow me ...
Here are some conversational board games for many language points...
Game boards.ppt

Some basic and colorful elementary level game boards. To use, open the ppt and print the slides by going to File - Print preview - 1 slide / page - print.
I made a quick black and white scrabble board as I needed one in a hurry. I made it using Excel, and have uploaded a pdf with the board and tiles. Simply print, join the board together and play.

Here are a few Scattegories and Pictionary card sets for playing these games.. from http://eatmykimchi.com
Some other board games.


This is a great game board about Korea. Trivia cards included. Also a few more game board templates.



Tic Tac Toe template.doc
Here are a few example games of the many found on ESL Topics - lots of board games you can print and play.

"Say 2 things, ask 1 question Board Game"  Adults Learners

Dear David,

here is a Conversation Board Game for young adults and adults.

The topics for conversation include Facebook, Aids, Holidays, Alcohol, My first memory and so on. It has worked nicely for  Conversation lessons for adults and older teenagers.


Credit goes to Chris Gunn, from Lanternfish, for the format of the game.

Please feel free to edit!


Teacher Lia

Porrino, Spain


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