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Great Scott in a class on repetition. His insights are always welcome!

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Comment by ddeubel on October 26, 2009 at 5:47am
I saw him speak at this weekends Kotesol Int. conference. He didn't have much time but "saved" the conference for me after a few lack lustre David Nunan presentations and some mishits and misfits of other presentations I attended.

He really "gets it" and is a teacher's teacher. He is best known for writing some of the Oxford Basics - How to Teach books and also Teaching Unplugged. Thoughtful and if at all interested in teaching methodology - buy it! It springs from his thoughts throughout the years and his dogme group. Get more info on it here but essentially it is teaching without a textbook and making the learners meaning/life central to what happens in the classroom.

Thanks Scott for the sterling questions you keep asking!

Comment by ddeubel on October 26, 2009 at 5:50am
Karenne at Kalingo English (a member here), has a couple of really complete blog posts about Dogme. Check them out for sure. Some nice videos too.

Any Given Dogma

Dogme: If not critical.

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