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  • W & G - Verbs

    W & G - Verbs 02:13

    Classic chase scene of Wallace and Gromit. Hat tip to Larry Ferlazzo for finding this. I've subtitl… Tags: and, gromit ddeubel Sep 11, 2016 134 views

  • Guess the human emotion

    Guess the human emotion

    Can you guess the human emotion shown on these gifs. View all the human emotions in gif on Gif Ling… Tags: game, gif ddeubel May 25, 2016 108 views

  • If I Ride

    If I Ride 01:23

    A wonderful video about fitness, health and also to show the use of the first conditional. Use wit… Tags: sport, possibility ddeubel Apr 9, 2013 258 views

  • 7 days

    7 days 02:59

    Play and ask students to note/list what each gets. Tags: week, days ddeubel Oct 20, 2012 124 views

  • Ramadan

    Ramadan 03:30

    A presentation I put together explaining the forthcoming Muslim period of Ramadan. Get the powerpo… Tags: muslim, islam ddeubel Jul 3, 2013 110 views

  • Weather and Clothes

    Weather and Clothes 08:10

    A teacher made video for ESOL students. I like so much about this -- a personal and effective appro… Tags: subtitles, ideas ddeubel Mar 21, 2010 312 views

  • loco motion

    loco motion 02:26

    Absolutely "loco" video version of this great song. Students will love this and go crazy. Get them… Tags: music, motown ddeubel May 20, 2015 53 views

  • Best Photos of All Time

    Best Photos of All Time 04:17

    This powerpoint took me a lot of time and resulted from a lot of others suggestions last year. Here… Tags: gif, history ddeubel Jun 23, 2009 752 views

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