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  • Mr Bean - The Exam Cheat

    Mr Bean - The Exam Cheat 05:55

    This might be a nice way to begin a discussion about cheating. Have some students turn their backs… Tags: comedy, short ddeubel Feb 11 430 views

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes 01:00

    Nice Nat Geo commercial for a listening activity. Students are given the first part (clause) of the… Tags: form, resource ddeubel Jul 27, 2013 114 views

  • If I Ride

    If I Ride 01:23

    A wonderful video about fitness, health and also to show the use of the first conditional. Use wit… Tags: bike, writing ddeubel Apr 9, 2013 130 views

  • 30 things at 30

    30 things at 30 01:26

    Would be a great activity to do with students. Students write out statements of who they are. One f… Tags: life, activity ddeubel Mar 30, 2013 134 views

  • Time To Get Up

    Time To Get Up 04:56

    A nice silent video which can be played as students describe the actions. Very engaging.... Tags: speaking, activity ddeubel Mar 17, 2013 201 views

  • Daisy

    Daisy 02:38

    Amazing "visual lyric" video of Brand New's song - Daisy. Perfect for a lyric rewrite. Get the lyr… Tags: writing, activity ddeubel Feb 14, 2013 134 views

  • 4 Commercials

    4 Commercials 01:57

    These are perfect to use with the Commercial analysis chart - here. Or use with the Unit materials… Tags: lesson, activity ddeubel Nov 4, 2012 234 views

  • TEFL Training Warmer

    TEFL Training Warmer 01:36

    Classic "Who am I?" activity with post it notes on the back of each student. Used as a warmer but a… Tags: tefl, tesol ddeubel Oct 31, 2012 108 views

  • Young Folks

    Young Folks 04:36

    Cool animated music video subtitled to help students. Use with the lyric activity sheet. Your stude… Tags: activity, best ddeubel Aug 18, 2012 210 views

  • Olympic Relay

    Olympic Relay 01:35

    I like this commercial. Shows Canada, as the guy makes his way across the wide country. but get stu… Tags: verbs, commercial ddeubel Jul 31, 2012 204 views

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