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  • 10 things memory game

    10 things memory game 01:11

    Can your students remember and name all 10 household items? Challenge them and see! Download the v… Tags: list, home ddeubel Aug 17, 2015 156 views

  • Memory Quiz

    Memory Quiz 02:01

    A nice example of how you might do this same game on a lower scale with your students. Have them st… Tags: game, vocabulary ddeubel May 18, 2015 58 views

  • Warmers

    Warmers 02:02

    Some nice word game warmer ideas that you might use in your classroom. Get some more ideas for war… Tags: word_game, vocabulary ddeubel Jan 24, 2015 50 views

  • Unscramble It

    Unscramble It 01:34

    Cool powerpoint that you can edit with your own words then play the game with students. Get it here. Tags: download, resource ddeubel Oct 10, 2014 100 views

  • Whodunnit

    Whodunnit 01:54

    A great intro for the game we made for teachers - Clue. Students really have fun with these types… Tags: murder, tv ddeubel Apr 8, 2013 570 views

  • Did you know?

    Did you know? 04:00

    Nice presentation of photos I screen captured. Ask students to guess the answers and then check by… Tags: knowledge, game ddeubel Mar 26, 2013 207 views

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