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All Videos Tagged geography (50)

  • New York

    New York 04:55

    This video would make a great lesson about places. Ask students for each scene (pause): Where are y… Tags: prompt, geography ddeubel Oct 17, 2012 104 views

  • Paris vs New York

    Paris vs New York 01:04

    Great presentation! Before playing, ask students to brainstorm the differences between the two plac… Tags: presentation, paris ddeubel Sep 22, 2012 154 views

  • Flags of the world Game

    Flags of the world Game 02:30

    Nice game from < a href="http://www.mobenglish.com" target="_blank"> MOB English Check them o… Tags: geography, game ddeubel Oct 2, 2011 118 views

  • Holidays

    Holidays 05:04

    Summer holidays are coming up. Time to think about this. Part of a news series on other topics, av… Tags: news, world ddeubel May 14, 2011 910 views

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