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All Videos Tagged idea (19)

  • Learn

    Learn 01:14

    Play and ask students to write down as a pair/group, all the things people are learning. Play again… Tags: idea, download ddeubel Mar 15, 2016 114 views

  • I just like to make things

    I just like to make things 0:56

    Wonderful video. Asks students to watch and list all the things he likes to make. Watch again and c… Tags: recipe, like ddeubel Jun 19, 2015 40 views

  • It's Not About the Nail

    It's Not About the Nail

    "Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen." Every man has heard these words. And they are the… Tags: recipe, idea ddeubel Sep 28, 2013 104 views

  • Who Are We

    Who Are We 01:44

    Brilliant presentation and perfect for a lesson where students design time lines of life on earth.… Tags: humans, culture ddeubel Mar 17, 2013 104 views

  • Thank you - Dido

    Thank you - Dido 02:48

    This is a great song, I like this version because you can see her mouth as she "sings" the words. A… Tags: idea, karaoke ddeubel Jul 25, 2009 190 views

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