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All Videos Tagged love (45)

  • Funeral Blues

    Funeral Blues 01:20

    A love "eulogy" poem by W.H. Auden. Marvelous reading and use with the resources for teaching loca… Tags: death, writing ddeubel Feb 6, 2016 47 views

  • What is love?

    What is love? 01:39

    I love the series of interviews 7 Billion others. Here's one about love, a lovely metaphor. I'll u… Tags: accent, world ddeubel Feb 5, 2016 48 views

  • You're So Vain

    You're So Vain 04:10

    Lyric sheet. Classic Carly Simon song that teaches well the word - "vain". Discuss what actions sho… Tags: listening, pop ddeubel Oct 29, 2013 110 views

  • Soulmates

    Soulmates 01:48

    LOVE this one - perfect for mathy students and talking about numbers, fractions, percents and of co… Tags: kinetic_typography, best ddeubel Jun 1, 2013 89 views

  • Esra Kahraman - Ex Love

    Esra Kahraman - Ex Love 04:33

    I recently spent some time in Turkey training teachers and speaking. I had an amazing time and pick… Tags: music, love ddeubel May 4, 2013 130 views

  • Parisian Love

    Parisian Love 0:52

    A beautiful "search story' and I think it would make a great lesson if students are asked to detail… Tags: france, love ddeubel Apr 5, 2013 100 views

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