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  • Eyes Open

    Eyes Open 04:06

    A wonderful example of a lyric video and reminds me of the all time classic in this regard "Always… Tags: video, best ddeubel Jan 26, 2015 65 views

  • Yorumsuz - Story Writing

    Yorumsuz - Story Writing 0:47

    A challenge for your students. Watch. Then ask them to write the narration for this story. Then sho… Tags: africa, animals ddeubel Jan 23, 2015 9 views

  • Neighbours

    Neighbours 08:04

    Preview and decide if appropriate for your students. Perfect video in many cases to start a discuss… Tags: news, video ddeubel Jul 20, 2014 85 views

  • What happens next?

    What happens next? 01:06

    Stop at 35 seconds and ask students to say what happens next. Then play and see if the predictions… Tags: video, guessing ddeubel Jul 12, 2014 348 views

  • Pringles Practice

    Pringles Practice 0:30

    This is a very creative video based lesson idea. Get students making sentences about what they can… Tags: world_cup, pringles ddeubel Jun 28, 2014 388 views

  • Egghunt

    Egghunt 03:35

    I really cute video. Hat tip to Visualising Ideas blog for some lesson ideas on this. Students cou… Tags: video, kids ddeubel Jun 2, 2014 120 views


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