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    Great video for business or writing classes. Download here. Download other videos by becoming a sup… Tags: writing, sign ddeubel Apr 30 93 views

  • From 1994

    From 1994 05:37

    A beautiful film to use as a writing prompt for adults. What would they write as last words to thei… Tags: transcript, storyboard ddeubel Dec 28, 2013 122 views

  • You Gotta Be

    You Gotta Be 04:04

    A classic, groovy song to help teach adjectives. Students can do a song lyric rewrite. Get material… Tags: materials, resources ddeubel Aug 13, 2013 148 views

  • I need nothing

    I need nothing 03:18

    Absolutely amazing music video of the song Doughnut by the Parenthetical Girls. Students will love… Tags: writing, best ddeubel Jul 7, 2013 264 views

  • If I Ride

    If I Ride 01:23

    A wonderful video about fitness, health and also to show the use of the first conditional. Use wit… Tags: bike, writing ddeubel Apr 9, 2013 134 views

  • 30 things at 30

    30 things at 30 01:26

    Would be a great activity to do with students. Students write out statements of who they are. One f… Tags: life, activity ddeubel Mar 30, 2013 134 views

  • Daisy

    Daisy 02:38

    Amazing "visual lyric" video of Brand New's song - Daisy. Perfect for a lyric rewrite. Get the lyr… Tags: writing, activity ddeubel Feb 14, 2013 134 views

  • Wouldn't it be nice

    Wouldn't it be nice 02:23

    Classic fun tune by the Beach Boys. Also great at Christmas time. Get resources and the lyric rewri… Tags: writing, resources ddeubel Dec 11, 2012 186 views

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