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  • From 1994

    From 1994 05:37

    A beautiful film to use as a writing prompt for adults. What would they write as last words to thei… Tags: transcript, storyboard ddeubel Dec 28, 2013 116 views

  • Bucket List

    Bucket List 02:11

    Amazing! Watch this young boy tick off items on his bucket list. After, inspire your own students t… Tags: life, goals ddeubel Nov 4, 2013 294 views

  • Love Is A Verb

    Love Is A Verb 02:24

    Great John Mayer song. Lots of language and about language. Use with this song/lyric listening and… Tags: singing, verb ddeubel May 11, 2013 1100 views

  • Omlette

    Omlette 02:29

    Incredible video that you can stop/start and ask students to describe and tell the story as it goes… Tags: animation, story ddeubel May 3, 2013 276 views

  • Coca-Cola Videogame

    Coca-Cola Videogame 01:02

    A great video for teenagers shared by a fellow teacher on our LinkedIN group. Get students to descr… Tags: animation, speaking ddeubel Mar 5, 2013 98 views

  • Daisy

    Daisy 02:38

    Amazing "visual lyric" video of Brand New's song - Daisy. Perfect for a lyric rewrite. Get the lyr… Tags: writing, activity ddeubel Feb 14, 2013 134 views

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