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  • A Cat's Life

    A Cat's Life 03:37

    Can you guess who is speaking? Basic video to help students learn to talk about daily routines. Mo… Tags: time, gif ddeubel Jul 10 26 views

  • Peace Like A River

    Peace Like A River 02:09

    A quick version and his voice isn't the best but I like the actions and contextualization shown. T… Tags: actions, lyrics ddeubel Jul 7 22 views

  • Counting

    Counting 01:49

    Basic beginner video for learning numbers. Let me know what you think about this "style" of video f… Tags: beginner, gif ddeubel Jun 29 15 views

  • literal idioms

    literal idioms 02:34

    These two young guys rock! Simple but nice skits for each idiom that introduce them in a fun way.… Tags: video, expressions ddeubel Jun 27 17 views

  • The Wordball Games

    The Wordball Games

    Cool video for learners of all types. Get students watching/listening for the key vocab mentioned a… Tags: kids, teens ddeubel Jun 27 25 views

  • A Cat's Life

    A Cat's Life 03:38

    Video I put together for learning the language to talk about routines. Get the video and more reso… Tags: time, gif ddeubel Jun 24 45 views

  • The weather

    The weather 01:32

    A beginner level video teaching basic vocabulary about the weather. Put this together quite quickly… Tags: subtitles, vocabulary ddeubel Jun 24 33 views

  • Counting

    Counting 01:12

    A video I made to help beginners with counting. Play in class and have students count and state the… Tags: beginner, gif ddeubel Jun 21 9 views


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