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  • Spaghetti 4 Ways

    Spaghetti 4 Ways 01:43

    Nice video to use and discuss recipes. Recipes are a great way to use and learn English. Get more o… Tags: cooking, recipe ddeubel Aug 25, 2016 68 views

  • Usain Bolt

    Usain Bolt 07:10

    This is a great animated film about Usain Bolt. I took a lot of time to subtitle this for students… Tags: biography, olympics ddeubel Aug 24, 2016 207 views

  • RACE Jesse Owens

    RACE Jesse Owens 02:45

    Great movie and movie trailer to lead up to the excitement of the Rio Olympics. Use with the seque… Tags: sequencing, material ddeubel May 19, 2016 43 views

  • Dubsmash

    Dubsmash 01:14

    Dubsmash is a hugely popular app where users lip synch popular songs. Might be a cool activity for… Tags: music, app ddeubel May 19, 2016 28 views

  • Vowels

    Vowels 02:48

    Wonderful video for pronunciation practice, with subtitles. Use the unsubtitled version if desired.… Tags: best, british ddeubel Mar 19, 2016 170 views

  • Learn

    Learn 01:14

    Play and ask students to write down as a pair/group, all the things people are learning. Play again… Tags: idea, download ddeubel Mar 15, 2016 114 views

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