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Hello All,
We are a class of fourth and fifth graders in Michigan, USA. Our assignment was to get a phrase of family importance and share it, hopefully in English and another language. The phrases people found are typically proverbs, sometimes original family expressions. We'll be writing our family phrases here, and invite you to share some, too. Not sure how we'll get them written in other languages, but we'll try! Please join in!

Others on EFL have a phrase to share?

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My phrase is "shut up and eat" and it is what my Great great grandma used to say to her grandkids in swedish it is pronounced Tig-ooo-aaa and i can't get is in it's real form!
Hi i am guess guess and my translation is "Its good to be home." In Hebrew it looks like this טוב שלו להיות הביתה.
hi this is the black squirrel

my phrase is El flojo trabaje dos veces translated from spanish to english it is :Lazy people work twice as hard
Yes, and similar phrases: Don't lose your head! Keep your head straight!
This is Connie replying. Arvan, what does would your family say it means?
That goes with my family phrase: "Take it in stride." I don't know how to translate it. Does it have a meaning in another language? I think it means you keep going, even through hardship an difficulty. You know you have inner strength and can make progress.
Related phrases I think of:
Measure twice, cut once.
A job worth doing is worth doing well.

I'm going to have to get out my proverb book... fun!

omptech girl or black squirrel, could you post the link to the thousands of phrases and expressions you found that time--that really rich site of sayings?
Hi I'm a student from Connies Class network, my phrase in English is put the water first, then put on the toothpaste. In Portugese it's mohla premeiro, depois poin pasta. See ya!
Hi! I'm a student from Connie's Class. My phrase in English is tough it up, suck it up, be a man, but in German it is Zah es suf suagt es ab ist ein mahn.
That is very true!!!
A great discussion here! I have one to share (and will mention I love the water/toothpaste phrase....i guess it is similar to "don't count your chickens before they're hatched"). My father is German and worked me hard when I was young ( I grew up on a farm). It was always Work Work Work!!! Snell Snell Snell (fast! fast! fast!). His one phrase that he'd say was "arbeit macht frei" - translated loosely as "work will set you free" and we all know the historical meaning there.....

My dad wasn't a Nazi (at all!) but inadvertently, that phrase still rings in my ears........


Very nice good information thanks a lot for sharing

Very Nice Thanks For Sharing

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