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ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Oct 17. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Stories to inspire and teach. Share yours.

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Jun 10. 79 Replies

 I'd like to share in this forum and would like others to share, short stories that might apply to education / teaching and that will inspire. I believe stories and a narrative are powerful, whether…Continue

Tags: hodja, tao, zen, professional_development, storytelling

Learning Communities

Started by Allan Richards in Teaching and Methodology Oct 27, 2017. 0 Replies

Hey everyone!I am new to the forum and am curious how you feel learning communities benefit educators when it comes to developing a collective responsibility as educators. Do you feel a forum like…Continue


Started by Christina Shepherd in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Oct 26, 2017. 1 Reply

How does implementation help you out throughout the year? I am curious to know what things have worked for you and what things have not worked for you through an implementation standard.  Continue


Just for the laugh / fun of it! (no teaching stuff allowed)

Does anyone have some nice, fun stuff to share? Nothing about teaching but just something to entertain and maybe make a worn out teacher smile?

I'll start sharing with this clip. Can't stop laughing!

Also, try this, I found it in the chat box! Sock and Awe. I got 7!

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Amazing how much fun it still is to throw shoes at Bush Jr.! Voicebox, have you tried our discussion, Joke of the Day?

Here's another laughing baby one I really enjoyed- worth another looksy:

This discussion could get out of hand. But that laugh is infectious! What is it about a "laugh" ? Just hearing one, I feel better.....

I wasted some time yesterday looking at one more of oddcasts talking sites. Here's what I made. Just good fun.

I've also been spending some "chill" time in our Arcade. Basically playing the miniputt once or twice a day. Still can't get a score under 51!!!! Damn it.

I also found this video someone shared in our Diigo shared bookmarks (at the bottom of the main page, left side - join us if you'd like to share links on the main page here. http://groups.diigo.com/groups/efl-classroom-20 ). Commercials are great fun. Lots in our A/V player too that are hilarious!

I want to share this site from youtube about sledding, but I don't know how to show it.

Hi Christopher!

What a great video!

You can embed almost all videos from youtube. Look to the right of the video, and you will see this box:

Notice where it says URL and Embed. With your mouse, right click in the embed box. It will automatically select the embed code, all you have to do is copy:

Then just paste the code into a reply box- presto video! Try it, the sledding video is is perfect for this discussion : )

PS As you can see, there are several options where you can change the size, etc of the video, but you don't have to do any of this. The video will simply use the default setting.
Hey Christopher- I added this explanation to the How to Post to Ning discussion. You can find info there on how to add an image, file, or link to your posts.

Voicebox, I hope I haven't broken the "No Teaching Stuff Allowed" rule!!
Whatever happened to the guy who threw the original shoe at Bush? Here he is, courtesy of The Big Picture:

Muntazer al-Zaidi, the Iraqi television reporter jailed for throwing his shoes at former US president George W. Bush, is kissed on the cheek by his uncle as he arrives at the Iraqi Al-Baghdadia studios in Baghdad on September 15, 2009, following his release. Zaidi was released after a nine-month stint in prison. (AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images) #

Once again , great instructions for embedding youtube here! I'm probably very guilty of not slowing down and explaining these simple things enough....

Here is one of the most popular videos here (find in our A/V player under commercials). Hilarious and if you haven't seen it, a must watch!

I don't know about Voicethread replying. That is a generic account that many teachers I teach use to access EFL 2.0 - so could be one of many.

I found out about this video through Larry Ferlazzo's blog.

Really interesting concept about --- if we make something "fun", more people will do it. So we should make things more fun.
What do you think? See comments at "The Pedagogy of Fun".

I'd have to be pretty darn tired not to take those stairs!

Here is the piano scene from the movie "Big" - a sweet film : )

One thing leads to another...

When my daughter, who lives in NYC, posted this pic in her blog, with the caption WANT ONE NOW! I sighed and replied if she wanted an intelligent, loving animal companion she should nab a baby from a NYC rat and hand-raise it. From my experience, hamsters BITE and as she had already noted, sometimes eat their babies.

If you also have no sales resistance and must see more pics of Kumanoko, the Adorable Hamster, click on the image and it will take you to Kumanoko's slideshow.

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