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I'm doing some informal research about video in the classroom. 


It would be great if members could list a video they used in their classroom (here, youtube, vimeo, anywhere) that was effective. Even better if you can briefly state what the objective was.  


Engagement?   Vocabulary focus?   Functional objective (questioning, apologizing, ordering, etc....)?  Affective (students feel good)?    Skill?     Prompt?    Game?  


One I have used for collocations and vocabulary building is Words.  A brillant video that could really be used with all levels. 


I had to edit the original which had a provocative/sexual image.  The version here is appropriate for classrooms. 


What video worked well in your classroom?


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Any video by Mr Bean can be used for all porposes.


I posted this because it is my favourite.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P9Fyey4D5hg  came courtesy of a colleague of mine (Ivana)  from my previous school.

Her suggestion is :

  • watch and take notes what Jesse does and compile a star diagram
  • get ST to watch the clip in small groups and compare what they have remembered
  • give ST an incomplete list and ask them to list the missing activities
  • give ST a list with 'wrong' and correct activities and ask them to strike thewrong ones out
  • write a newspaper article about Heather (owner and dog trainer) and Jesse

I also used it as a way in to talking about skills needed for the speaking exam (this is Hong Kong!):
In groups, students wrote down the tricks they could remember. We discussed why this task was difficult. Important things we noted were:
1. In the Speaking exam, it is important to pay attention to what the others are saying. Do not sit there thinking about what you are going to say next.
2. VOCABULARY is very important. If you don’t know the words, it can be hard to say anything. If you are taking too long to think of a word, it will effect your fluency.
3. Spelling doesn’t matter in the Speaking exam. Your notes should be short and readable.
4. Get over your bad HABITS. Habits are things we do regularly and often without thinking. Make sure the habits you have for your speaking exam are good ones.



That is super creative!  A great way to get them to practice and communicate - lots of great extension activities too. 


Reminds me of the Subservient Chicken but even better for teaching....   Found it in our "what link did you use in class" discussion.

 What Happens next? countdown. Show the video clip it stops put the video on pause. Three answers appear students make a prediction. For example what happens next" He jumps too far and slips on the floor


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