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ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel yesterday. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Stories to inspire and teach. Share yours.

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Jun 10. 79 Replies

 I'd like to share in this forum and would like others to share, short stories that might apply to education / teaching and that will inspire. I believe stories and a narrative are powerful, whether…Continue

Tags: hodja, tao, zen, professional_development, storytelling

Favorite Movie about Teaching?

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Apr 23. 88 Replies

I'd like to compile a list of movies…Continue

Tags: best, video, film, teaching, movie

Learning Communities

Started by Allan Richards in Teaching and Methodology Oct 27, 2017. 0 Replies

Hey everyone!I am new to the forum and am curious how you feel learning communities benefit educators when it comes to developing a collective responsibility as educators. Do you feel a forum like…Continue


We are now in our 3rd edition of "Site of the Day"! Hundreds of the best sites for teaching/learning. See #1 and #2 for lots of info. Find everything listed HERE (but without description). Also use our TAG CLOUD to find all the best websites for EFL / ESL for any category!

Veewow is a real cool, user friendly and totally 2.0 tool for sharing youtube videos. You can make slick playlists by just inserting the youtube url. Even better, and something youtube does a poor job at -- you can embed the whole playlist, link, send to friends and share. It is an excellent place for teachers to keep all their youtube favorites and by pass a lot of the restrictions and blocks on youtube in their classroom/schools.

Here's an example I made -- within 5 min. I scooped up and listed these Top 15 Teaching videos....All the best in one handy place. Enjoy - some cool stuff here but all this is also right here on EFL Classroom 2.0! For any fans of Korean hip hop - here's my Korean music selection!

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LinQ is a new self-learning Language lesson system. Basically you sign up (test it out with our own ID/PW: eflclassroom ) and can get for free, many lessons. Each lesson consists of 5 parts. But basically it is reading/listening to many topical passages and then selecting the vocabulary you don't know. LinQ will collect those words, offer you definitions and make flashcards of them for you. You can continually repeat the audio with these words highlighted and "get the gist" of the meaning....

I think for self - learning and the audio, LinQ is pretty good. A little confusing at first and I suggest just clicking "Library" at the top to get started quickly. Just select the free lessons, the rest imo (in my opinion) is just too costly for the benefit. You can get this on EFL Classroom for Free! However, teachers might use the audio on LinQ , which is pretty nicely put together and also use their Print function to print the dialogues/script. This is super handy for teachers!

I think LinQ does some things quite well. Besides the layout difficulties and the fact I don't really trust or believe in these cost based models which charge the user end , it is worth a good long look. Especially if you are a language learning or teacher who likes to explicitly focus on vocabulary and keep track of your lexicon!

PicLits.com - A great way to practice vocab with students!

I love the userfriendliness and student friendliness of this site! A simple idea which benefits students immensely.

At PicLits, you choose a picture. Then either choose from a preselected list or go "freestyle" with your own choice of words. Drag the words onto the picture, save and voila! You have a powerful blend of picture and text for student thematic vocabulary learning.

I see many uses but probably the most powerful is to get the students making them! You can even make them with some words that are cognates and related to the picture, some not. Students must guess/select which.....

I hope you'll make a few and share them here on EFL Classroom 2.0. What can you come up with? It took me 2 (yes, no lying and that included registration!) to make this one below.... You try and do better!


PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com

STU's Double Jeopardy Game, I came across while looking for some games. As you might well know, I'm a big fan of Jeopardy and have built many templates in Powerpoint. Also collected many . See our Games page, scroll to the bottom, or our Resources area...

Stu's game is great. Works nice but it does take a teacher awhile to figure out. Download and it is Creative Commons, you are free to alter. You can even get other skins or make your own home screen/picture (though I gave up after reading the procedure, it isn't easy!). But I love the Guess the Song game where you hear a song and read the lyrics and guess the singer!

Once you have the game installed, keep on your memory stick and you can use on any other computer! Travel with the games, he has quite a few already made under Quizzes. . Just keep them in the same Jeopardy folder , click and play. However, take a whirl and make your own! In the coming weeks I'm going to give a few a go....enjoy!

eLanguage is a Wiki about all things TEFL. Really, really exhaustive and comprehensive list and discussion about using technology in the classroom and resources. Mark Pegrum, a lecturer at the Univ. of Western Australia has done an outstanding job and I urge you all to bookmark and investigate.

I really like his take and discussion on the myths of elearning. Lots of tools are discussed also. Share the gems you find here! So much more and especially cool how he used the word clouds from his delicious bookmarks! I've attached a ppt of his that further brings to light his own views on e-learning. Great stuff. Also see other resources in the eLearning/eTeaching resources area I started.

Thanks Mark for this great wiki and example for us all.
I'm really enjoying this wiki... finding new sites, and getting reacquainted with some old ones... lots to explore

Colorin Colorado is a site that I"ve used and mined often in the last few years. It has a wealth of articles, advice and materials for English language teachers. Although the focus is on teaching ESL students and particularly Spanish speaking students, there is still so much for any kind of English teacher.

Click on the links at the side to find what you want. In particular I recommend their webcasts which usually have a ppt which accompanies them and helps you follow the lecture/content. They also provide transcripts - handy for any teacher trainers out there! Further, make sure to check out their Reading Rockets site -- the best for insight into how to teach reading to ELLs.

All in all, Colorin Colorado is a godsend for any teacher interested in practical professional development.
I just recently found this site, I think because David mentioned it in another post (maybe Reading Rockets?) and I was very impressed... and glad I delved in deeper than the front page and beyond the "Book of the Month", which didn't grab my attention.

Reading Rockets is a great site to refresh and expand my understanding of the reading process- from what I explored, all truly best practices, no hype or axe to grind here. Here's the blurb from the web site:

Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that offers research-based and best-practice information on teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle. It is an educational service of public television station WETA in Washington, D.C.

Hurray, once again, for public broadcasting, the best tax dollars spent! And if I was currently teaching ESL, I'd definitely be checking out Colorin Colorado closely! (I still should.. just haven't gotten to it yet : ) )
YoutubeReloader is a great tool! It allows you to easily make a playlist of youtube videos (from a search or a user's ID) very quickly and embed that on your wiki, web page or my page (like your own here!). Nice full screen feature too.

Here is an example - I made this in 20 seconds! You can even put in a logo..... This is a player full of esl/efl teaching searched videos. Nice talk by Nino Rivollucri to start!

This div will be replaced

Go HERE to see the example of Youtube Reloader mentioned... (we can't embed javascript in the forum :(

I think audio is such a powerful tool for those wanting to focus on speaking/listening. Chinswing was a site I've cheered about and it still is there - helping teachers and students BUT it has a new and improved incarnation - Voxopop.

What you do is start a conversation by recording a message. Give it a title and then wait or invite others to come. The person who replies next, answers the discussion title or responds to the previous person. A great audio chain is born!

I've started a VoxoPop group for EFL Classroom 2.0. Please join us, join up and introduce yourself. Or start your own conversation there and let us know about it here! A great tool and a perfect way to learn about how you can use this tool with your own students too.

I really like this "new and improved" Chinswing and I know you will too. Browse there too and find some great discussions.

English Star is another welcome addition to the world of "video learning". Our students are so much more "visual" in their learning style and video offers great context and interest for language learning.

English Star is a site created by a member here, Andrew Farmer! Say thanks to him, if you have a moment.

English Star has a great selection of "appropriate videos" . I found they especially have lots of videos for beginners and further, if Japanese is your first language (or that of your students) , most videos support the Japanese language. But the English subtitles are really fluid and clear for each video. Further, you can download a pdf script of the video - a VERY handy feature for us classroom teachers - horrah! I also like that the videos have a full screen option for class viewing. Post viewing their is a brief quiz that viewers can take and get feedback from.

Some regulars there have video "Lessons" or a series of videos teaching some aspect of the language. Andrew tells me that we'll see more of this in the future. English Star also intends on a lot more functionality in the future (like socializing, recommending, speaking the videos etc...) so stay tuned.

One quick thought. I'd really like to see a "search function" . I can't seem to find one and the site needs some kind of search or leveling ability for teachers/students. But the lesson library is handy and I'm busy watching this week's recommended video of the Bike to Oz series (really interesting!). Thanks Andrew!
David, if I want to make a video playlist and some of the videos are not from youtube, is there another easy player to use that does the same thing- embed, etc? Thanx

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