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Larry Ferlazzo is continuing an amazing series of interviews which he calls, "Teachers in Hot Spots".


Please take a read, well worth it. 


Also, I'd like to know if others know of teachers who'd be willing to be email interviewed by Larry. Other teachers now in  or  formerly in "hot spots". I'll leave you to interpret that phrase but it could mean war zones, disaster zones, isolated places etc....


Thanks in advance if you can come up with some contacts and names!



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Don't know if this qualifies but I was teaching in Ukraine when the Orange Revolution broke out.
Pax et bonum! (peace & goodness)

I taught in the former Yugoslavia from 1996-1999. The war ended in 1995, but there were plenty of "interesting" things still going on long after that. Let me know if you'd like to hear more.

Martin E. Senger

Bruce and Martin,


Past "hot spots" count, too :)


I'll send you questions in the next week or two.  I hope others will respond, too, for past or present hot spots...



I would be interested in giving an interview!  I used to work in Kala Refugee Camp in Zambia with refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  For my job, I was responsible for documenting our projects and I also taught English lessons/photography lessons at one of the schools that my organization built.  I worked there from 2008-2009.


I also taught English at a summer school program in Vares, Bosnia in 2004 (10 years after the war.)  The aim of our summer school program was to integrate the towns 3 religious groups: Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and Muslims.


I'm currently teaching in Korean Public Schools in Gangwon-Do, South Korea.



Great!  I'll get questions to you within a week or two, also.





Was that the first one or the more successful second?


I was there for a year in Kyiv in 2000 - lived right beside the Presidential Admin building on Lutheranskya. Was pretty active at tent city and organizing/protesting (enough to get informally thrown out of the country). Miss the place.

Hi from Lorraine in Israel.

Teaching in a multi media center in Ramla. Low economic area.

Serving the local area and all three religions.

Teaching English with a team of other teachers using drama, songs, art, computing to reach and inspire.

No testing, just motivation based learning.

Real fun and success.

I currently work in South Korea which is "technically" still at war, but I wouldn't really call it a hot spot.  I don't know, let me know :)



Great!  I'll get you questions in a week or two.





I'll get some questions to you, soon, too.





Dear Deubel,

i am also an english language teacher at kathmandu, nepal and i would like to inform you in response to your web search for teachers, that i am enthusiastic about taking part in your email-interview.


Rebat Kumar Dhakal

Kathmandu, Nepal



Great, I'll be in touch with questions sometime in April.



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