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Learning Communities

Started by Allan Richards in Teaching and Methodology Oct 27, 2017. 0 Replies

Hey everyone!I am new to the forum and am curious how you feel learning communities benefit educators when it comes to developing a collective responsibility as educators. Do you feel a forum like…Continue


Started by Christina Shepherd in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Oct 26, 2017. 1 Reply

How does implementation help you out throughout the year? I am curious to know what things have worked for you and what things have not worked for you through an implementation standard.  Continue

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 19, 2017. 74 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Top 5 Game

Started by susie silver in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 17, 2017. 14 Replies

Hi David Maybe its obvious to some but I'm not sure how to play and I also want to create a top 5 game as well. What is the point of it. There are always 5 answers. Do the students guess according to…Continue

Tags: 5, top




Here are some resources for teachers regarding the burgeoning area of online learning. Make sure to visit my wiki - ELT and Tech. There you will find lots of tutorials all together, about how to use technology in your classroom. Also see Mark Pegrum's great elanguage wiki. We have links with some great applications. Further, view the folder for Technology and Online Learning/Teaching at mediafire. More coming! Add your own and share!

I'd also recommend joing the group eTeaching here! Lots more info. on technology and online learning.

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Here are 3 powerpoints which will offer lots of thought about learning online!
This ppt and pdf have lots of essential information about web 2.0 and learning online.
Some more resources for this category
Here is a wonderful ebook - Amazing Web 2.0 Projects .

Full of great stuff! Please visit ICT in Education for other ideas for using technology!

87 projects.
10 further resources.
52 applications.
94 contributors.
# The benefits of using Web 2.0 applications.
# The challenges of using Web 2.0 applications.
# How the folk who ran these projects handled the issues...
# And what they recommend you do if you run them.
# What were the learning outcomes?
These are two nice handbooks, available free to help teachers use Google. Learn how to use google in many ways - build a site, make documents/forms, survey, use google earth, chat etc....
Here are a couple of recent "Must Reads". 1. The technology insert in the latest sept 4 Economist with a nice article about Jaron Lanier. Lanier, let's 'er rip in his lastest book - You are not a Gadget. A real critique against the pretense and fluff of Web 2.0 and online "socializing".

I just finished it and it is great. I don't agree in total and will write up a blog review soon. But if you need to read something thought provoking, this will do the trick.

This collaborative and free ebook might come in handy for many technology minded teachers. Pretty cool. Enjoy.



This "Live Online Learning " manual and free ebook is great. Lots of insightful stuff about teaching online - what to do, and how to dos...


Here are the results of the technology survey I gave Korean teachers in 2009. 


I'll be asking others to complete a survey that will be similar , shortly. 

I hope you will participate and we get a larger sample. 


See a hard copy attached of this survey that you can use as a needs survey with your own students or teachers. 


Full Screen


Here is a nice guide for using the internet safely. Review of twitter, FB etc... privacy settings. From the Edublogger.

This is a really wonderful paper (however dated) - Pespectives on Technology in learning and teaching languages. 


This is a nice ebook with strong recommendations about the "maker movement" - using technology to teach by getting students to make something, produce a product that is useful in the wider world. 

Also a sample chapter of the ebook - A make movement manifesto. Highly recommended. 


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