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#10 Comic books or Mini books!(All)

# 10 -- Comic books or Mini books!

This lesson idea is SUPER and really works. Kids love comics and drawing and it really unleashes the power of "personalization" - meaning that to retain language students have to use it in a personal fashion. Whether that means asking to do something in real life or making their own storybook.

Use the Action story pictures attached. Run through them using the ppt if possible (in our ppt presentation folder) and illiciting response about Mr. X. Then students write sentences about him.

Low level students can use the models and higher levels can add more information. Edit and then students can cut the pictures and enter the edited language into a "mini book". See the pdf attached on how to create this book.

Finally, share it in class. Students can read and pass their own book around. Start building a class library of mini books, you'll be amazed at how fast it can grow.

Also see the Action story handouts which can also be used for either pictures or to write a whole comic book.

See all our Comics/Cartoon resources HERE.  Get a full description of making a storybook HERE.

Resources:  Action Story Photos  | Making a Mini Comic Book   |  Action Pictures   |   Video and more...

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