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#103 Reading Response - Get your students thinking! (All)

103 - Reading Response - Get your students thinking!

Reading response is on basic way of getting students to respond to text. It is very simple but very powerful and useable in the English language classroom.

1. Select an interesting story! Keep it at the student's level and read the story together (even maybe stopping from time to time and asking the students to predict - "What's going to happen next?".

I have many favorites but it all depends on the language level of your students. See our Story page or Leveled Readers for many options. Also look in Resources for lots of leveled reading stories, easily printed.

This is one of my favorites! The Eyebrow Story



 2. Next - give the students the handout,  READING RESPONSE QUESTIONS.pdf

Either orally or in writing (in a reading response journal with pictures) have them ask/answer some of the questions for
the story they read.

3. Finally - share the answers. The student reads their question and answer . Prompt for discussion.

There you have it! A very quick lesson that is rich in learning and narrative.

Resources:  Reading Response Prompts

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