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#104 The Class of 2010 (Advanced)

104 - The Class of 2010

I love current events in the classroom.  The two go well together and so led to this neat lesson - The Class of 2010.   It is for high level students but adapt as you wish...


1.   Ask your students about the advice they'd give someone for the future. Note down on the board as
necessary (or better yet appoint a secretary to do this!).
2.    Watch the news video - Class of 2010.
3.     Watch again with the worksheet attached.  Ask the students to connect the speaker with the
4.      Watch a 3rd time and take it up!
Lots of repeated input and lots of "world" and ideas.  I perfect little lesson that can be expanded in many ways. See some of those ways and materials on our World Issues page! 

Resources: Class of 2010 Worksheet

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