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#105 Country Project (World Cup style) (Int.)

105 - Country Project (World Cup style)

[ get updated resources for 2014 WC HERE ]

I really believe in Project Based Learning. It really motivates students and harnesses their natural curiosity. It also fosters their authentic communication skills after at the end, they present their "project". Further, it helps them learn skills of cooperation, essentially in the workplace these days.

The World Cup is an excellent chance for students to learn about other nationalities/cultures/places. But any time is good! Here is a nice series of handouts that you can give to students to do a project on a country. Here are some suggestions.
1.  Play "Where the Hell is Matt" and get students invigorated / engaged. For the World Cup, maybe test them with this Flag Quiz (or print the cards and get them matching them). 
2.  Brainstorm answers to one country together. Put up the worksheet on the screen and do it for that country together. Talk about other information you might consider important about the country. Discuss how you might present that on a poster.
3. Give students in groups or pairs the worksheets and a piece of poster board. Get students to research the country and record the results of the World Cup.
4.  Students present their country in front of the class and take questions from other. Maybe prepare a rubric for their presentations and evaluate them!

Find lots of country/flag or world cup flashcard sets here!
Enjoy the travels and maybe motivate them more by showing Lily - the geography genius! 
See many resources for teaching about the World Cup on our World Cup Resources pages

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