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#106 Music Appreciation! (Int.)

Music is a wonderful way to get students learning English and producing language. See all our resources about music HERE. Also, see Rachel's lovely post on the same topic, only using music videos! I'd also recommend using this "Guess the Musical Genre" quizlet flashcard presentation. See what your students know!  Further, go here for all our videos with song lyric or listening sheets.

This lesson is very teacher friendly and can be used with guidance, for multiple levels.

1. Listen to a song together. Tell the students to relax and enjoy. Play a selected portion.

2. Ask the whole class the questions on the worksheet. As a class, brainstorm the answers and record on the board.

3. Distribute the worksheet. In pairs or individually, students listen to 4 songs (chosen by the teacher or recommended by students) and as they listen fill in the chart.

4. After the song, students in groups, discuss and compare.  Time permitting, share answers as a class.

This is a great lesson to compare songs within a genre (pop, country, rock, jazz, classical) or to compare songs in different musical genres. Use these flashcards for teaching musical genres.

Resources:   Music Appreciation Worksheet   |  Music Picture sheet    |    Songs (.zip)  |  

See attached, some songs that might be immediately usable! Different genres.
U2 With Or Without You
Black Gospel - This Little Light of Mine
Chariots Of Fire - Main Theme
can't hide from love Mary J Blige
Classical Satie - gymnopedie no1


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