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#107 Summer Vacation! (Low)

107 Summer Vacation

It's summer time and time for a simple but excellent summer time lesson.  Also, use these "Summer Vacation" flashcards!  Plus this Gif Lingua book with study sets. 

This one highlights one of my SCC (student created content) lessons in the book Teach | Learn. Each lesson just 2 pages but with lots of conversational possibility for different levels.

1. Put up the picture and get students to ask
about your last summer vacation. Answer their questions and let them try to see what questions they can come up with.

2. Ask students in pairs or groups to ask questions
about their own past holidays using "did"

3. Finally to consolidate, have the students write a postcard
to a classmate pretending they are in a famous tourist spot this summer. Make sure you give each student in one half of the room, a match to write to. Then you be the postman when they are finished.

4. Monitor and deliver the postcards
when they are finished or the next class after you've collected and corrected.

5. Finally, students read them and share
some of them with the class. Very interesting always!

Make sure to use the classic - "Where the Hell is Matt" video sometime during the lesson!


Resources: Life Is Wonderful Postcards   |  50 Best Things About Summer video brainstorming activity | Summer worksheets

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